Automation / Integrations Services

We build custom desktop applications which may interact directly with users, or interface to other applications, systems or tools. We have special expertise utilizing custom programs to allow users to communicate to an AS/400 MES system from a desktop application; these programs provide TCP/IP handshaking and data checking and conversion between PC and AS/400 data formats, and are designed for speed and reliability for 24/7 manufacturing operations.

We can provide new product development, or support and enhancements to existing programs. Our design and programming expertise includes C/C++/C#, Java and Visual Basic coding languages, C#, ASP and VB .Net project development, and HTML / DHTML / XML Web application development.

We have experience in the use of the Camstar Manufacturing MES tools and services, including the Designer tool, Modeling tool, Portal Studio, and Open Adapter Service.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.