Systems Consulting for Business Applications



Identify key project milestones. Track and report current state of projects on a regular basis. Identify, track and aid in the mitigation of all high risk project factors.


IT Project Management

Review current system feature utilization. Interview key stake holders to determine current system requirements. Evaluate support resources and end-user education requirements

Review and document current business processes for change control. Identify potential stream-lining/process improvement candidates.


Business Process Analysis

Apply additional resources to aid in completion of user requests. Increase end-user satisfaction ratings.


Reduce Current IT Backlog

Implement additional MES modules to increase manufacturing productivity and customer satisfaction.


Additional MES Module Implementation

Facilitate end-user requirements documentation, “Request-for-Information”, “Request-for-Demonstration”, and Request-for-Proposal” processes. Facilitate new technology selection requirements. Aid in implementation of newly selected technology.

Technology Selection

Create a graphical user interface that streamlines data entry and ensures improved accuracy.


GUI Design and Implementation

Identify and document customization requirements. Create, test and implement new MES functionality.


Increase MES Functionality

Experience in low-risk re-deployment methodologies. Complete new implementations and data migration strategies. Methodologies are proven utilizing existing systems or newly selected technologies.


Low Risk MES Re-deployments

Create integration requirement documentation. Identify transactional and master data locations. Experience utilizing ISA-S95 standards.


Application Integration

Reduce your help desk response time with training, create/document procedures, and end-user training and improved communications. Increase available resources.


Help Desk Requests

IT staff, MES support staff, Operations, Management. Create custom training material for all levels of users.

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